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Things you should know

How we do what we do, why we do it that way and what it means for your day!

Chances are, you don't do this sort of thing every day...

... and it might seem like a bit of an unknown quantity, so we've done our best to put into words what your experience will be like if you choose to book us!

The first thing you should known is we're real people. Pretty normal real people at that, and not scary at all. In fact we're probably two of the least scary people you could meet. If it's practical, we love to get to know you a bit before the wedding, so we'll always suggest a meet up if you're nearby, or a FaceTime if you're not. If you're having an engagement shoot then that's also a great time to get acquainted and break the photographic ice!

A Quick Note

on our style

Luckily enough for us, we share a common vision for how we want to capture your wedding day. As a pair, we're both naturally drawn to colour and light, and try to record your day and edit our work in a way which enhances these elements. We want your wedding imagery to have a balanced and authentic look, without drawing too heavily on trends. While we will enhance your images and video to get the best out of them, we like to keep things true to colour and try not to over stylise them. We think this is key as we want your imagery to look just as good in years to come as it does today. Most importantly, we want your images and video to convey the joy and celebration you felt on the day in a realistic way!

A few FAQs



How much is the deposit?

How far will you travel ?

We're based in the North East but don't put any restrictions on where we work. In fact, we enthusiastically encourage you to give us reasons to travel! We love exploring new venues and getting to go on adventures together is a definite perk of this job!

We ask for a percentage of your package fee upon booking, which acts as your reservation deposit. For our wedding photography package we ask for £250 and for our photography and videography package we ask for £400. The balance is then due four weeks before the wedding.



How do we book?

Can we have some formal group portraits too?

Of course! We don't put a big emphasis on this part of the day, but we can absolutely do some if you would like. We find that most of our couples feel the same way as we do about this - they're not the photos they're most excited about having taken but it's a good idea to take a few just in case relatives are expecting them! We don't linger long on these pics, so don't worry about that.

Easy! Just send us a quick message on our contact page, or feel free to get in touch via Facebook, Instagram or email and we can have a chat. We understand that some couples might want to meet us in person or have a chat before committing to booking (it's a big decision!) and we are always up for that, so don't be shy!

And the rest...


How many pictures do we get?

We don't cap your images at any particular number, and every wedding is individual so naturally there will be variation between each. (This goes for video too!) As a guide, a full day wedding will yield 500+ photos, so no worries that you'll be left short!


How many hours of coverage do we get?

How many do you need? We don't like to put a cut off time on your coverage, we let the day dictate our schedule. We're not the kind of people to clock off instantly after the first dance, in fact shooting the dance floor in the evening is one of our favourite parts. We have even been known to stay and have a drink or two when we've finished shooting! If you have fireworks or sparklers planned later on, we're gonna want to be there for that, or if you fancy some night time portraits that's all good with us too. We love what we do, and we go with our gut as to when we think the time is right to make our exit.


What kind of couples do you like to work with ?

We only have one requirement when you book with us - that you love and value what we do. We heartily welcome enquiries from all couples, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, orientation or any other personal attribute. Each couple is individual and we love the fact that this job lets us meet so many new and wonderful people. Our ideal clients are people who just want to enjoy their day and would like some cracking pictures of themselves doing so!


Do you offer bespoke packages?

We are always excited to talk to couples who are planning something out of the ordinary or have requirements that are a bit different from what we've outlined in out packages (Elopement?! Micro wedding?! Three day wedding extravaganza anyone?!). We would encourage you to get in touch so we can have a chat about what would work for you and put together a package to suit.

Anything we've missed?

Give us a shout