Ruth and Ben wedding photographers and videographers north east Newcastle United Kingdom

Oh hi there!

We are Ruth and Ben

A pair of camera-wielding creatives from the North East of England! As partners inside and outside of business, a mutual desire to spend our days creating, a shared capacity for tech nerdiness and a happy twist of fate led us to join forces and ultimately spend our days making beautiful imagery for great people.

After a wedding client of Ruth's became suddenly in need of a videographer, Ben saw a chance to put his camera geekery to use and stepped in. Something must have clicked (accidental pun, we promise) because we haven't looked back since!

Now we love nothing more than setting off for a day shooting together, exploring new venues and getting to spend time with the fantastic people who hire us!

Awkward selfie anyone...?

One mighty photo and video super team!

Knowing the ins and outs of how the other one thinks and shoots allows us to work as a fluid creative duo, complementing each other's style, vision and process perfectly.

Some rare snaps of us in front of the camera

Having played in function bands for over 15 years I'm no stranger to a wedding! However, my journey into photography was a bit of a happy accident. I've always had an interest in cameras, having experimented with everything from astrophotography to making music videos. When one of Ruth's photography clients needed a videographer at the last minute, I realised it was something I would love to get involved in, and threw myself into it fully.

The other side of my life is dominated by music, and I find the two play into each other really well. I find that my musical brain influences the way I edit videos, and my favourite shots are always from the dance floor!

A story of two halves...

For me, photography was always the one. I got my first digital camera back in the mid noughties, became instantly addicted and haven't been far from one since! Although I've always loved photographing people, I didn't realise I wanted to shoot weddings until I found myself accompanying Ben on a wedding gig (he was in the band!) and realised how brilliant they are.

Getting to dress up and photograph people on one of the best days of their lives, in incredible places, and be right in the middle capturing everything... it's a bit of a no brainer. I quickly realised this is what I should be doing, and so it began!

- Ben

as a duo, we bring expertise in photography, videography, music and sound production to your day. We're also really nice and love a wedding buffet.

- Ruth

Super important facts...


Golf is life, much to Ruth's dismay. Proudest moment = winning my club championship in 2019.

I'll never say no to a chicken madras.

I climbed Kilimanjaro for charity once, that was pretty cool.

I love a bit of chess but I'm no Garry Kasparov.


I'm from Newcastle but have also lived in London and York.

I love tea and cereal and hate coriander.

I actually have a degree in linguistics, but spent more time taking photos for the student newspaper than studying.

I also spend lot of my time watching Gilmore Girls, wearing stripes and petting cats

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